Unfortunately, the economy shifts in ways that are not always favorable for business. Whether your company is facing declining sales, diminishing profit margins, excess inventory, insufficient capital, or poor financial structures, we can help. Debt, too, can add to the burden companies feel in difficult times.

However, with BMI, you have options. With knowledgeable and experienced professionals on our side, we have the ability to help companies tackle the challenges head-on. Our ability to negotiate with lending institutions to restructure existing debt or find new funding options allows many companies to bounce back toward healthy finances. We take a close look at your situation, explain potential strategies, and execute the final plan quickly to maximize the possibility of success.

Occasionally, placing a company into bankruptcy is the best option to minimize loss and change positions for future success. We can help in even the toughest of situations. BMI is not a team of turnaround managers trying to get on your payroll. We are investment bankers; our only mission is to help you see results. It would be our pleasure to offer a custom strategy for your business and an action plan to maximize the possibility for success.

Reach out to BMI Capital today to learn more about what we can do for your business. We look forward to getting you back on your feet and help you make the best possible decision to protect your assets.