Public company journeys have two crucial steps: going public and being public.

Going public is a one-time step that can be more challenging than it sounds. Many businesses require a vast amount of resources in order to be successful. It’s essential to properly integrate all parties. While this is a one-time expense, many CFOs are unprepared for the magnitude of that cost. We address these challenges with you and present a customized solution to make the process that much easier.

Being public demands conducting business in a new way. Private companies run business in a way that public companies cannot. Should you choose to go public, you may be forced to work with new schedules, deadlines, procedures, and regulations. Make sure you have a team on your side to set you up for success.

You need vested business partners that include:

  • Capital market investors
  • Accounting and financial reporting professionals
  • A full-service transfer agent
  • Risk management and compliance professionals

Access to additional important resources, such as lawyers and public relations firms, is just as important to ensure you remain in good standing with your investors.

With more than 30 years of experience, BMI is ready to help you succeed. We orchestrate the integration of all your key resources and people to set you up for confident public relations. Reach out now to learn more.