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Investment Banking

From seed to exit, we support our client's goals.

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About Us

BMI is a broker-dealer Investment Bank, we Advise and Raise Capital from Seed to Exit and we are Head Quartered In New York City. Allow us to help you accomplish your capital-raising goals.

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Our Services

From seed to exit, we provide continuous support to our clients throughout their journey, helping them pursue their growth objectives until they successfully reach their exit goals. Some of our services include Private Placement– Debts or Equity, Corporate Finance- Private Credit, SEDA/PIPE and Merger & Acquisition

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With the combination of knowledge, skills, and experience we have built a working team to serve each of our client's unique needs. Reach out today to schedule an initial consultation and start your company's journey to growth!

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At BMI, we help streamline your fundraising process. With custom strategic planning and attention to detail, we create effective methods to set your company up for success. Increase shareholder value and strengthen your company by contacting our team today.

Corporate Finance

Advise & Raise capital

From seed to exit. We advise and raise capital in the global capital market for lower mid-market and small-cap companies. We act as lead advisors related to corporate finance and private placements, providing our clients with corporate debt structure and helping to sell equities to private investors, both retail and institutional.

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