Services We Offer at BMI Capital

BMI Capital is a dedicated financial service provider for top corporate entities and clients globally. Whether a company needs assistance and advising through a merger or requires insight into financing and investment decisions, BMI Capital is here to help. These services are designed with our clients in mind, and we work to set your company up for success. Keep reading to learn more about the services BMI Capital offers.


Private Credit & Equity Offering

Whether you’re looking for equity investments or credit opportunities, our team can offer high-quality services designed with your corporation in mind. Equity services include evaluating, structuring, and executing transactions while credit offerings range from loan syndication to restructuring and other debt solutions.


Finance Advising

At BMI Capital, our advising service offerings are robust and cover many different types of financial transactions, moves, and products. We offer structured project finance management, advising, and structuring for mergers and acquisitions, as well as general corporate financial advisory services.


Private Fund Formations

When setting up a private fund, there are many details and aspects to consider and complete correctly to set yourself up for success. At BMI Capital, we’re proud to offer our expertise and assistance in structuring and launching while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


SEDA & PIPE Transactions

At BMI Capital, our teams of lawyers and investment professionals are experienced and ready to assist your company with all kinds of SEDA and PIPE transactions. With our team by your side, you’ll find that structuring and executing a successful transaction is easier than ever before.

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